Natalie Czech - A critic’s bouquet by Övül O. Durmusoglu for Flowers are Documents – Arrangement I, 2017, foto GuadagninI e Sorvillo ©ar/ge kunst.

Flowers are Documents — Arrangement II
(Composition / Support / Circulation / Ritual / Storytelling / Time)


Opening 22 June 2017, 7 pm

With Milena Bonilla and Luisa Ungar; Martina della Valle in collaboration with Rie Ono
Natalie Czech; Kapwani Kiwanga

Episodes by Haris Epaminonda, Oliver Laric, Paul Thuile, Bruno Munari, Ettore Sottsass Jr.

22 June, 7:30 pm
Lecture performance by Milena Bonilla and Luisa Ungar

Exhibition design in collaboration with Matthias Pötz and Ada Keller

Curated by Emanuele Guidi

Arrangement II, the second staging of Flowers are Documents, will place new flower compositions alongside those by Kapwani Kiwanga (Flowers for Africa) and Natalie Czech (A Critic’s Bouquet), which were originally installed on 26 May and naturally altered during the first month of the exhibition.

A new bouquet by Milean Bonilla and Luisa Ungar will be assembled during a lecture performance, and the ikebana by Martina della Valle and Rie Ono will be composed using wild local vegetation gathered over the course of a workshop. New episodes by Haris Epaminonda, Oliver Laric and Paul Thuile, respectively a vase, a collage and an exhibition, will add to the book by Bruno Munari (A flower with love, 1973) and to the photograph by Ettore Sottsass Jr (I Designed a Vase for my Fiancé, Death Valley, 1977).

The colours on the walls of the exhibition are going to be painted again by Enzo Parduzzi, the decorator who produced and painted the colours for the ceilings of Carlo Scarpa’s Villa Tabarelli near Bolzano in 1969. In Scarpa’s project these strips of colour formed a conceptual representation of the sun’s movement from morning to evening, from the greyish blue of the hours before sunrise to the pink of the sunset; here they will shed further light on the works in the exhibition.

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