Ar/Ge Kunst, Bolzano’s kunstverein, was founded in 1985 on the premises of via Museo 29. The name Ar/Ge Kunst is an abbreviation of the German word Arbeitsgemeinschaft (working group), which was chosen to promote the idea of collective work, and also has the meaning to unsettle (coming from the German word arge).

The Kunstverein aims to reinforce the collective aspect inherent in the name Ar/Ge Kunst as a research and production space for the arts, in which every new production forges a new working group of practitioners from different walks of life, to think through impending social, legal and artistic questions.

Exhibitions are seen as a collaborative art activity, an expanded body, enhancing artistic and social dialogue. The collective approach manifests through new commissions and formats: starting from a moment of research, to the exhibition, novels, urban and extra-urban walks, live events and podcasts.

The curatorial program seeks and researches collective forms of cultural production, particularly, how individual acts of imagination and fabulation in shared contexts can become collective.

The kunstverein becomes a platform for fabulation: a space not only to narrate the past through the present (and the present through the past), but a place for the fabrication of stories, also uncomfortably placed within the boundaries between reality and fiction, between historical and imaginative reconstructions. Fabulation opens up spaces in which to imagine political actions.

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