Reading rivers, Unpacking knowledges


May 25, 2022, 6:00 PM—8:00 PM

ar/ge kunst Public Programme
unpacking knowledges, curated by BAU

With Hannes Obermair, historian

Meeting point: ar/ge kunst
Registration: [email protected]
Language: eng, Ita

The sixth session of Reading Rivers takes place during the exhibition Unruly Connections by Italian artist Alessandra Ferrini, who has engaged extensively with the Italian archive of coloniality. In her research-oriented practice, Ferrini examines in particular the obfuscation and distancing strategies that characterize the Italian colonial past in Libya.

Ferrini takes an editorial approach, interweaving iconographic and written records of those who resisted a genocide being covered up. The selected archival excerpts in her exhibition offer a new angle on the resonances between individual histories. The 14-minute audio piece produced by Alessandra Ferrini for the exhibition provides the soundtrack for Reading Rivers’ extended reading of Unruly Connections. Join us on a discursive guided tour of the exhibition, and then of the city itself, through Ferrini’s artistic-activist lens, exploring places in Bolzano that recall Italy’s colonial history, from street names and squares, to buildings and public monuments. Reading Rivers is delighted to have the historian Hannes Obermair accompany this session and contextualise for us some traces of Bolzano’s imperial past.

Further details of the event will follow after registration.

Hannes Obermair, born 1961 in Bolzano, historian and exhibition curator, senior researcher at Eurac Research, research focus on the Middle Ages, Fascism, National Socialism, with a special interest in Public History.