Amol K. Patil, a fly, pen on paper, 2023

Die Fliege is a fly in volo
23 FEBRUARY 2023, 18.30


Ar/Ge Kunst, Bozen-Bolzano
Curated by Zasha Colah and Francesca Verga


18.30 Die Fliege is a fly in volo, exhibition opening
19.30 Nge Lay, performance
20.30 Moe Satt, performance

Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Working group): Chaw Ei Thein (Yangon, 1969), Htein Lin (Mezaligon, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar, 1966), Ko Latt (Yangon, 1987), Moe Satt (Yangon, 1983), Nge Lay (Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay region, Myanmar, 1979), Amol K. Patil (Mumbai, India, 1987), Yadanar Win (Yangon, 1987)

With the first exhibition of 2023, Die Fliege is a fly in volo, Ar/Ge Kunst re-presents, repeats, and re-enacts, cultural memory to present an imagination that can ‘bore a hole through a prison cell-wall’. Die Fliege is a fly in volo explores artistic transmission under situations of duress. The exhibition traces the transmission of a clandestinely-made cultural work, The Fly by the artist Htein Lin, through his own re-enactments of the work, and in his absence, by other artists who witnessed the work.

We thank the Collection Htein Lin, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, for the loans.

Exhibition design by Studio GISTO, Alessandro Mason e Pietro Lora. 

Ar/Ge Kunst launches a new identity and design developed by Norma and Giorgio del Buono.


Novellas is a series of books published by Ar/Ge Kunst about collective forms of cultural production, particularly, in how individual acts of imagination and fabulation in shared contexts can become collective.
For our first book in the series, we publish translated extracts in German, Italian, English, from The Special Court, the artist Htein Lin’s experience of a trial in a quickly set up ‘special court’ for political prisoners. In court, laughter and the grotesque restructured and denied the world order, and by an act of shared collective imagination converted the court into how the prisoners saw it: farcical. Novellas is designed by Giulia Cordin.


Each exhibition is formed through a dialogue with people, collectives, associations and other entities, who are invited to participate in the programme of Ar/Ge Kunst and in a podcast by RAI Alto Adige. For this exhibition, we thank in particular the dialogue with the Association Aiutare senza Confini OdV, which has been working with Burmese refugee children in Thailand since 2002.