ABEYANCE & CONCURRENCE Jessika Khazrik, exhibition view, ©ar/ge kunst, Photo Tiberio Sorvillo, 2020
Reading rivers, Soil times

Reading Rivers #1

March 31, 2021, 4:00 PM—5:00 PM

Curated by Simone Mair and Lisa Mazza (BAU)

by a river, online

Reading Rivers is an ongoing reading group that deepens and expands on the exhibitions and artistic practices shown at ar/ge kunst. The selected texts relate to that by reading them through the lens of soil and its relationship to human life.

Unlike a normal reading group, where participants sit down to discuss a text together, Reading Rivers invites participants to find a spot by a river. Like water in a river, texts have a clear source. Through acts of collective reading they come into contact and combine with new things before flowing together into a greater whole. They cross different landscapes, periods, characters. They come up against obstacles and find paths of least resistance to get around them. The flowing water of a river is comparable to knowledge; it is bound up with solid ground but it remains in a permanent state of flux, allowing new readings of complex contemporary questions. During this one-hour session participants will walk, read, listen, talk and interact with each other on the banks of a river of their own choice.

Registration: [email protected]
Language: eng, deu, ita

The first Reading Rivers session will take place online.
Further details will be sent out on registration.

Podcast Soil Times Credits
Voices: Simone Mair, Mariah Nielson, Lisa Mazza
Editing: Daniel Mazza